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Ruda Pani

Latest Series: In The Moment

Yara. 2021

The latest series: Currently available. Digital oil painting, digital drawing and vector illustration. Celebrity portraits or not. Game cards. Different characters. These series are constantly restocked.

Dame de Pique. 2021



Collection 1

Minimalist drawing for book illustration.
The characters are made in a Line Art style.

Buscando el verano. Looking for the summer. 2021

Collection 2

Buscando el verano. Looking for the summer.

Vector illustrations. Book illustrations.
2D animaion.

Collection 3

Our Pets. The passing of time. Bastet. Meditation.
Because the cat, only the cat knows how to listen to the silence and the time that passes and when it is time to close a chapter

The passing of time. Meditation. Bastet. 2019
In the Saloon. 2022

Collection 4

Motion design
Digital illustrations. 2D and 3D animations.

About MariAnna

When we live in a virtual world for a long time, we become virtual ourselves.