Walking in the city by MariAnna Mo Warr - Ruda Pani, digital painting

Collection 1

Walking in the city. Book illustration.
In the city : walking in the city; urban fashion; humans and animals. 

Hola ! 2022

Collection 2

Once upon a time…
Vector illustrations. 2D animation. Girls characters.


Collection 3

Minimalist drawing for book illustration.
The characters are made in a Line Art style.

Dame de Carreau. 2021

Collection 4

A CARD GAME. Carré de Dames.Poker. Personal project.
By doing a lot of sketches and portraits, I observed different types of characters, which gave me the idea to create card game characters, namely queens.
I made a few versions. So here is one of them. I also plan to have them printed.

Shades of black

Collection 5

Hate Face. Book illustration.
Shades of black.

Erika. 2021

Collection 6

Realistic Digital Painting. Portraits.
Portraits of my friends. Erika.